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Leadership Spokane, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1982 by the Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce and a group of business and community leaders. Leadership Spokane offers a civic leadership training program in which the voices of all sectors of the community are balanced, with the clear understanding that the health of all these sectors is vital to a healthy Spokane. Today, individuals from a variety of professions, races, backgrounds and neighborhoods from all over the county compose the Adult and Youth Leadership class each year. Classes focus on Servant Leadership, “Spokane 101″ information and skills such as team building, systems thinking, facilitation, conflict resolution, envisioning and project management.

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The Value of Leadership Spokane: (A Greater Spokane Incorporated Executive Board Presentation)

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Message from the Executive Director 

November is a month our leaders focus on Governance Day, a month where we focus on our mission of building community. This builds upon Regional Economy Day where we saw the importance of economic growth to all other areas we focus on. Leadership and Governance go hand in hand as a leader’s job is to create, to build, to unify.  Unity is necessary for any team, any organization, and any group to succeed.  It is a leader’s job to bring this unity to fruition.  Our amazing youth finished October focusing on empathy and the human needs in this community. Of note, both our adults and youth aim to build this community through service projects. The youth will help Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery and Blessings Under the Bridge in December. The adults, for the first time in a decade or so, will plan service projects this month as well. Together, the Classes of 2016 plan to leave Spokane better than they found it. Lastly, in the background, it is Gala season and we are actively advertising our January Gala. This will be our 5th anniversary of the gala and it promises to be as elegant as ever. Many thanks to Heather Beebe-Stevens, Class of 2014, for leading an inspired team planning this annual celebration of leadership. Yes, it will be a year of adventure, learning and building Spokane, one leader at a time. We vow in 2016 to extend the legacy of excellence established 33 years ago. Ultimately we know our alumni matter, leadership matters…Spokane matters…and citizenship matters. We are three decades strong and getting stronger. Our distinguished Board of Directors and Ms. Ruth Reynolds, Ms. Jaxon Riley and I are committed to building upon our proud past for a fantastic future. Leadership Lights the Way! – Brian Newberry

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What Leadership Spokane Alumni are saying…

“I loved seeing people with different backgrounds, life experiences, different ways of looking at the world, all sit down and listen and learn and be open to other opinions, then step it up.” – Marshal Peterson, Class of 2014

What Leadership Spokane Alumni are saying…

“I learned a lot about the Spokane community—and how what’s going on in the community has a direct correlation to the workplace.”  – Lance Kissler, Class of 2014

What Leadership Spokane Alumni are saying…

“It is ok to take time for yourself and take care of yourself. Because if you don’t, it can be difficult to be a good servant leader.” – Monica Wales, Class of 2012

What Leadership Spokane Alumni are saying….

“I made lifelong connections and friendships that are still in place today. This seems to be one of the true values of LS as each and every class has had the same positive engagement experience”  – Patrick DeVries, Class of 1987

What Leadership Spokane Alumni are saying…

“I fell deeply, madly in love with Spokane and am committed for life to our community. When Tom Foley told my husband to move his company to Spokane in 1983, we really didn’t think we’d stay very long, but 34 years later, this is home.”  – PJ Watters, Class of 1994