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Leadership Spokane

501 (c)(3) is the original organization, founded in 1982 by the Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce and a group of business and community leaders. Leadership Spokane offers a civic leadership training program in which the voices of all sectors of the community are balanced, with the clear understanding that the health of all these sectors is vital to a healthy Spokane. Today, individuals from a variety of professions, races, backgrounds and neighborhoods from all over the county compose the Adult and Youth Leadership class each year. Classes focus on Servant Leadership, “Spokane 101″ information and skills such as team building, systems thinking, facilitation, conflict resolution, envisioning and project management. 


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Message from the Executive Director

Leadership Spokane 2015 is well underway after a successful September adult retreat to set a firm foundation for the year. Our initial retreat goals of building a team of 50 adult leaders and introducing servant leadership were clearly met.  Camp Lutherhaven in Coeur d’Alene provided an outstanding backdrop of solitude and beauty, a quiet place to reflect on learning about ourselves before learning about each other and leadership.  I would be remiss to not thank the team of speakers that drove out from Spokane to educate the new class on leadership and team building.  We stepped off with momentum and will continue that forward progress as we now turn to leadership within the region’s economy in October.  Our servant leadership focus for the month of October is foresight.

 Our marvelous youth class has had two events already and is gearing up for a third event in October where they will focus on the needs of the community and how leadership can help those less fortunate.  I was entirely impressed with their questions of Mayor Condon, Commissioner French and guest lecturer, Ms. Benson-Hallock, for the September governance day.  It was a good session and our 25 youth saw a perspective of leading from the city, county and state levels.

I sincerely appreciate the sponsors that have come forward to ensure our two classes are well supported and the alumni volunteers have been utterly amazing, showing up in droves to support our cause of inspiring diverse individuals to step up and lead within our community.  It is alumni like Marshall Peterson, Class of 2014, who recently organized a Porchfest event to connect his West Central community and show that Leadership Spokane does not stop at graduation.  A robust committee of volunteers, led by Monica Wales, Class of 2012, are organizing a delightful gala in January to celebrate our 1,114 alumni and show how leadership has clearly lit the way in Spokane.

Even as we motivate our two current classes, we will continue outreach to the community including our Leadership Connections program, partnering with Whitworth and Gonzaga, to invite important speakers to the area to talk leadership. We look forward to the October and November Connection events.  Finally, applications for our 2016 class will be available in January.  Leaders must not only learn, they must grow and we are committed to growing leadership, one leader at a time.

Servant leadership is a calling for our organization. Leadership matters…Spokane matters…and citizenship matters.  I am privileged to synchronize all three in an organization that is three decades strong and getting stronger.  Our distinguished Board of Directors, my staff, Ms. Elisha Heath and Ms. Jaxon Riley, and I are committed to building upon our proud past for a fantastic future.   Leadership Lights the Way!

 -Brian Newberry

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What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“Spokane looks unwelcoming from the Interstate and you can’t tell what a gorgeous city we have. Let’s beautify our entrances!”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“Being committed to diversity means being welcoming to every type of person. That’s what makes the community run.”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“The world doesn’t need cold task managers. It needs leaders who can empathize, motivate, empower and stimulate colleagues.”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“As leaders, we have an obligation to do more than the minimum. We owe something back to the community, beyond our work and personal commitments.”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“There is not a shortage of dreams. There is just a struggle for acceptance and for implementation.”