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Leadership Spokane 501 (c)(3) is the original organization, founded in 1982 by the Spokane Area Chamber of Commerce and a group of business and community leaders. Leadership Spokane offers a civic leadership training program in which the voices of all sectors of the community are balanced, with the clear understanding that the health of all these sectors is vital to a healthy Spokane. Today, individuals from a variety of professions, races, backgrounds and neighborhoods from all over the county compose the Adult and Youth Leadership class each year. Classes focus on Servant Leadership, “Spokane 101″ information and skills such as team building, systems thinking, facilitation, conflict resolution, envisioning and project management. 


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Leadership Spokane
Going Strong

The Spokane Journal of Business  has recognized Leadership Spokane for its work in the community over end of the last century and into this one. Their piece “Leadership Spokane going strong after 30 years” provides a great picture of what our organization does. Give it a read!


Linda Finney, Executive Director


As the article cites Linda, “We invest in 50 people, and it’s important to those organizations (and their alumni) that we use our resources well. That we use stewardship and we are good stewards, These people are going to be making policy decisions, hiring people, spending dollars, and directing resources, and they need to make good decisions as leaders.”

She continues, “The graduates are an amazing group of people. We recruit and cultivate people who want to enhance their leadership skills, form relationships with peers and business leaders, and gain skills that will serve them well in their civic and professional lives. Cultural competence and diversity are important, and that means we each have to communicate and need to identify our values and be straightforward and honest. We need to understand that so we can operate efficiently.”

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What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“Spokane looks unwelcoming from the Interstate and you can’t tell what a gorgeous city we have. Let’s beautify our entrances!”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“Being committed to diversity means being welcoming to every type of person. That’s what makes the community run.”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“The world doesn’t need cold task managers. It needs leaders who can empathize, motivate, empower and stimulate colleagues.”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“As leaders, we have an obligation to do more than the minimum. We owe something back to the community, beyond our work and personal commitments.”

What the Leadership Spokane 2014 Candidates Are Saying:

“There is not a shortage of dreams. There is just a struggle for acceptance and for implementation.”