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What Leadership Spokane Alumni Are Saying

Leadership Spokane exposed me to new leadership ideas, reframed my thoughts on essential skills, instilled the ideals of servant leadership and created a new perspective on the impact we all can have on the community around us. The program challenged my preconceived thoughts about the serious issues our community faces and taught me that a group of 50+ caring and dedicated people can make a real difference. Those people, who were once strangers, are now a family with collective goals and values who will forever be connected by our shared experiences.

– Jake Patterson, Class of 2023

During these past 10 months, this program has taught me about servant leadership, business, DEI, communication, and different aspects about our local community. I have had the pleasure to meet other leaders from a variety of industries, expanding my network of individuals whom I can lean on for support and advice. This program has helped me grow professionally and given me the tools to be a stronger, more well-rounded leader.

– Rebecca Long, Class of 2022

My experience with Leadership Spokane has been one of the most impactful experiences of my entire life. Even in the virtual environment, the staff at Leadership Spokane did an amazing job helping us feel connected to each other and keeping us engaged. I have only met a handful of my classmates in person, but it feels like I have known them all for years. The past eight months have opened my eyes to what it means to be a servant leader in my community and has taught me so much about effective communication and teamwork. I am so thankful to the team at Leadership Spokane and all of my classmates for giving me such an incredible experience. 

– Joey Gunning, Class of 2021

Leadership Spokane has given me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and engage with people with so many different life experiences and allowed us to learn about many different local organizations. LS has not only made it possible for me to gain a better understanding of my hometown of Spokane, but has also deepened the connection I have with the community here.

Adrianne Franklin, Class of 2020

I loved seeing people with different backgrounds, life experiences, different ways of looking at the world, all sit down and listen and learn and be open to other opinions, then step it up.

– Marshal Peterson, Class of 2014

It is ok to take time for yourself and take care of yourself. Because if you don’t, it can be difficult to be a good servant leader.

– Monica Wales, Class of 2012

I fell deeply, madly in love with Spokane and am committed for life to our community. When Tom Foley told my husband to move his company to Spokane in 1983, we really didn’t think we’d stay very long, but 34 years later, this is home.

– PJ Watters, Class of 1994

“I learned a lot about the Spokane community – and what's going on in the community has a direct correlation to the workplace.”

– Lance Kissler, Class of 2014

“I made lifelong connections and friendships that are still in place today. This seems to be one of the true values of LS as each and every class has had the same positive engagement experience”

– Patrick DeVries, Class of 1987