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2019 Gala

Annual Gala Awards

King Cole Luminary Award

Leadership Spokane has created the King Cole Luminary award to recognize exceptional servant leadership that “lights the way” in the community. The first annual award was presented posthumously to King Forrest Cole at the Leadership Lights the Way Gala. Cole was the “father” of Expo 74 which revitalized the downtown, resurrected the Spokane River environs and led to the creation of dozens of other initiatives, including Leadership Spokane.  As President of Expo ’74, Cole was its main spokesman and promoter, but his real skill was his ability to get people to come together to achieve the impossible.

Award Criteria

  • Visionary leader: sustained belief in a dream in spite of prevailing opinion
  • Effective leadership: the ability to conceive, design and carry out a successful project, persevering over time against odds and in spite of personal sacrifice
  • Building Community: ability to persuade others to rally around an initiative and shape the future; the ability to lead from the front and the willingness to work in the trenches
  • Stewardship: the ability to hold an institution in trust for the greater good of the entire community

Nominations will be accepted in October 2019 for our 2020 award period.

  • 2019 Recipient: Gordon Budke
    2019 Recipient: Gordon Budke

    Gordon Budke’s presence can be felt in nearly every corner of our community, you would be hard pressed to find an organization that has not had Gordon’s involvement at some level. Semi-retired but still traveling thousands of miles a year with Budke Consulting PLLC, Gordon epitomizes the Leadership Spokane mission to deliver dedicated leaders to our community who engage and partner to strengthen it. He has helped and mentored small business owners and young CPA’s, creating a Gordon Budke / Junior Achievement Endowment Scholarship Fund and mentored large committees changing Spokane forever including Wampum, Momentum, Focus 21 and the Eastern Development Committee which eventually evolved into the Eastern Washington University Foundation. He served as a founding member on the Downtown Partnership committee developing the downtown you see today. Gordon still serves on the boards of Yokes, Banner Bank, Junior Achievement, and KRB Trust bringing valuable guidance to companies and individuals in the Spokane region to ensure success.
    Leadership Spokane is proud to present Gordon Budke as the King Cole Luminary Award winner in honor and recognition of his servant leadership. He is well appreciated, respected and revered in our Spokane community, following in the footsteps of King Forrest Cole, Jack Geraghty, Don Kardong, Scott Morris, Lisa Brown, Elson F. Floyd and Rob McCann.

Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award

Leadership Spokane created the Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award to honor the many contributions of the more than 1,100 graduates of the program since its inception in 1982. This award recognizes alumni who are the embodiment of Leadership Spokane’s mission of delivering dedicated leaders that collaborate in order to grow an active and diverse network that serves and strengthens our communities.

Selection criteria:

  • Leadership Spokane Graduate
  • Significance of contributions to the community
  • Service and commitment to Leadership Spokane
  • Demonstration of mentorship and service to others
  • Other factors for consideration

Nominations will occur in October 2019 for our 2020 award period.

  • 2019 Recipient: Maggie Crabtree
    2019 Recipient: Maggie Crabtree

    Maggie Crabtree, a 1997 graduate, embodies Leadership Spokane’s dedication to service. Maggie is an unsung hero of our community, constantly giving her time, talent, treasure and wisdom to charities large and small, local universities, civic organizations, students, young professionals and anyone who may be down on their luck. From her support of the arts, KPBX radio, Shriners Hospital, Meals on Wheels and Campfire to her "can do" attitude helping organizations and people in need, she is the epitome of a servant leader. Her career was built on the idea of servant leadership and paying it forward. Maggie is always looking to make a difference and leave this world, and specifically the Spokane community, better than she got it.
    Leadership Spokane is proud to present Maggie Crabtree as the fifth annual Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for her dedicated service to the Spokane community.

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