Adult Program

The application process for the Class of 2019 is now closed. Thank you to all of the community members and organizations who submitted applications.

Applications for Class of 2020 will be available in January 2019!

Prepare Yourself for Leadership

The Leadership Spokane program is an intensive, 10-month commitment to personal growth, professional development and community service. Participants gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a citizen-leader and explore the tenets of servant leadership. At the same time, they develop a broad knowledge of the Spokane community and key issues facing the region. This knowledge is put into practice throughout the program through site visits and community service activities. Finally, participants build a strong local network while also learning to create a personal leadership vision and a plan to achieve it.

Leadership is the ability to inspire others to achieve a common goal, the outcome of which is greater than what they would have otherwise been able to accomplish.

Topics covered during the course of the program include:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Regional Economy
  • Healthy Community
  • Human Needs
  • Media and Communication
  • Intercultural Competence/Diversity
  • Education
  • Governance
  • The Arts
  • Community Involvement