February Message from the Executive Director

February is a month of education, recruiting and looking forward to spring.  This month will be warm indeed as we bask in a the glow of our 7th annual Gala, the result of so many volunteers, many from the Class of 2017, who gave so much time to raise funds for future classes and program support for our cherished high school youth program.  It was a special night indeed, and affirms our belief that leadership does light the way. The theme of the month is conceptualization where we emphasize that dreams only become reality when we put plans in place to make it so. Our four service projects for Class of 2018 are moving from conceptualization to execution and we are exited to see them come to fruition. Our youth program focuses on communication and we appreciate their enthusiasm for a 2nd Harvest service project. Recruiting continues as we look to keep hope alive for 2019 and beyond. The leadership journey continues and it remains promising. We believe to the core that leadership never stops. Our tireless goal … deliver more dedicated leaders in 2018 and 2019! That is our mission; that is our calling. We are here for Spokane, we are here for others. We know that Leadership matters … Spokane matters … and citizenship matters. We are three-decades strong and getting stronger. Our distinguished Board of Directors and Ms. Ruth Reynolds, Ms. Jaxon Riley and I are committed to building upon our proud past for a fantastic future. Leadership Lights the Way! – Brian Newberry